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Is Your Audience Bored & Disengaged?

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Bring Your Audience Back to Life

With Next Generation Audience Response

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Next Generation Audience Response

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The Ultimate Cloud Based Audience Response System

User Friendly

Easy to use and intuitive audience response system directly from the users smartphone

Flexible and Fast

Cloud based with no downloads required. Start interacting with your audience in under 5 minutes

Scalable & Feature Rich

Supports up to thousands of users at the same time with interactive and engaging features


No need for expensive equipment or specialized setup. Available anywhere, anytime

Bridging the Gap Between Presenters and Audiences


Your Audience Deserves More

As the Internet era matures even more, people are used to instant information and being engaged or entertained with the click of a mouse. What this means is attention spans are getting shorter and if people cannot interact quickly with information being presented to them, they simply switch off.

As a speaker, presenter or educator, you want your audience to remain involved and connected to what you are speaking about. Slideshows and long tedious speeches are no longer going to cut it. You need a tool that keeps your audience involved and connected.

Traditional Audience Response Systems (ARS) platforms are costly, complex and involve renting or buying equipment and software all with a learning curve which means it's just not a practical solution.

This is why you need Q-ARS, the next generation of Audience Response Systems (ARS).

Q-ARS - Brings Your Audience Closer

Q-ARS is a complete mobile, cloud based Audience Response System. It is incredibly easy to use and packed with loads of features and best of all, it works from any smartphone.

As a presenter you setup your questions either beforehand or on the fly. Then your audience simply scans a generated QR code or can type in the address into their mobile browser and it's ready to go.

Each user now has a mobile polling device right in front of them.

  • No more renting or buying equipment
  • No more lengthy setups
  • No more complexity
  • Supports almost all modern smartphones
  • Fast, quick and painless setup

Quantified results and analytics including:

  • Anonymous Reports
  • Exam Grading
  • Socially Analytical Reports

Whether you are speaking to a small classroom or a packed auditorium, you can educate, entertain and interact like never before.


Q-ARS - the answer to getting your audience involved and interactive.

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San Francisco Convention & Meeting Planners

About the Q-ARS Team

Q-ARS is brought to you by the San Francisco Convention & Meeting Planners (SFCMP), founded by Shawn Finkelstein, CMP an industry veteran in convention planning and hosting. Q-ARS was developed by Shawn and Ryan Sharon in order to revolutionize and improve the way in which audience response systems work. San Francisco Convention & Meeting Planners is constantly innovating and developing other products to fulfill the growing business needs of the conference and seminar industry.

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  • Extra 10* Questions
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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

What is the minimum device requirement?

Q-ARS supports almost all modern desktop and mobile devices. For desktop access, any computer with Internet access and a browser that supports Javascript and Cookies. For mobile devices, most modern smartphones with a browser and Internet access, including Windows Mobile, Blackberry, iOS and Android. Q-ARS is also supported on tablet devices

Is there any software to download?

Q-ARS is a web based, cloud hosted software as a service (SasS). There is an Android app available for download from the Google Play Store, and for Apple from iTunes. Q-ARS does work directly from the Internet browser. The only main requirement of Q-ARS is a browser and Internet access.

How many users can I have at one time?

Q-ARS is highly scalable and can support thousands of users at once. If you have specific requirements regarding scalability please contact us to discuss your needs.

What do I get when I buy Q-ARS Pro?

Q-ARS Pro gives you the ability to setup 10 questions and have up to 50 responders at once. If you require a larger plan, please contact us and we will tailor a package that fits your needs.

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